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Humour: spamming the API

I'm revamping the tags system in Jojo CMS this weekend, as we need a user interface that can scale well as more and more tags are added to sites (potentially thousands of tags). A simple list of all tags no longer works in this instance, so I'm basing the system around a search, with related tags being returned via AJAX to give the user an...
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Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo!

I wasn't entirely prepared for this news when I checked my RSS reader this morning, but upon thinking about it, it does make sense. Microsoft have made an offer to buy a big wollop of Yahoo! shares for $44 billion (half cash, half MS shares). I have never been especially fond of Microsoft, but I can put that aside in favour of seeing a...
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Getting the most out of tags

As shown in my previous post on optimizing landing pages, the landing page for the phrase in question is a tags page. Funnily enough, this wasn't an accident. What is a tags page A tags page isn't much different to a search results page, in that it shows a summary of content on your site that match a particular criteria. Actually, this makes...
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Can you afford to be in Yahoo???

Can you afford to be in Yahoo? I'm not talking about the directory here, but the organic search results. Yesterday, our server was having some serious load problems because one of the sites was getting hit hard by the Yahoo Slurp spider. The site in question is 150,000 pages or so, and uses a lot of dynamically generated images. Due to Yahoo...
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Spam Reports - Google, Yahoo, MSN

Here's a little story about a spam report I submitted in February 2006 to Google, Yahoo and MSN for a competing site. Submitting a Google spam report is common practice these days, but the yahoo spam report and MSN spam reports are less common. The site in question had the works - orphaned doorway pages, white on white text and massively...
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