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Domain name scams

I have been around long enough to have seen a few pretty clever domain name scams. One of my favourites was the Domain registry of America (or a name similar to that) who sent domain name owners advertising in the mail that looked just like an invoice. Concerned website owners would eagerly fill out the form and post their cheque to make sure...
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Burned over $16

A client and I have just been burned by a combination of things that happened. And the root of the cause was the whopping sum of $16. It all started this morning when I get a txt from a client complaining about no email. This is on top of existing problems last week with spam filters getting aggressive, and other email issues. So I do some...
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Ribbing your web developer in public

My wife grabs me the other day and tells me I should contact a prominent website that she frequents about some website work. When I asked why, she said that the website owner had posted a big whinge about her web developer on the front page of the website, and perhaps the client was looking to change. Rather than the client and web developer...
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Sticker club or chain letter?

Yesterday my 2 year old got a letter from a friend. Seeing as she can't read yet (and her SEO skills aren't developed either), I opened it for her. It's a letter welcoming her to "Sticker club". Cool. All you need to do is post a packet of stickers to the person whose name appears at the top of the page, add your name to the list,...
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