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Recently I have noticed a trend on a number of blogs. It goes something like this... There are 0 comments on this post. Please register or login to place a comment. Hmmm. Asking random visitors to register an account when they only want to leave a one-off comment is a huge ask. Especially when there is a good chance registration requires...
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www or non-www

The local PHP users group has been having an interesting discussion on the use of www vs non-www in a domain name. The discussion has raised some interesting points. Everybody agrees that both should work - it's immensely frustrating when you type in "" and you get an error message. There are still a number of big websites...
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Does a spider follow links on a 404 page?

I have been reading an article by Lisa Barone ( on nice 404 pages. This interested me as I have only just got around to improving my own 404 page. I agree with the concept of the article - a nice 404 page is your last chance to save a lost visitor. Nothing is less attractive than a default browser page saying the page does not...
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The CAPTCHA to end all CAPTCHAs

I love CAPTCHAs. The amount of comment spam and contact form spam I have been getting has all but dropped to zero since adding a simple 3 letter CAPTCHA to my site. However, some CAPTCHAs can be a little tough to crack. Here's the best example of this I have seen yet, found on (Yes, I heard rumours of an update,...
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Spaces, Underscores & Dashes - how to name files

Many people have opinions on how files should be named on the web, and specifically how words should be seperated. Do you use a space, an underscore or a dash? Here's another opinion, with some rationale behind it. Spaces Spaces are generally a bad idea with anything website related. Often spaces in URLs will be encoded as %20 (which looks...
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AJAX is here

It's been a long time coming, but I have finally launched my first implementation of my AJAX CMS. This site. This is a little more than just a few funky AJAX calls here and there - I have tweaked my CMS to replace almost all page requests with AJAX requests. Because this is now part of the CMS, I can roll this functionality out onto existing...
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Successful Navigation Design

Successful navigation design is a key part of your website. Navigation is arguably the most important part of website usability, and is often not done correctly. If your site is to be successful, navigation design should be considered at the start of the development process. This article covers some of the often missed points that make for...
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