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Are questions in search results more clickable?

A question is an invitation to find out more about something. We read a question, and the natural response is to answer that question. Maybe it's just me, but I quite like the idea of someone subconsciously thinking "yes" while reading my search result. Want to lose 10kg while sitting at your computer desk? You bet. I have answered...
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Buy Propecia - How blog spam brings you traffic

I was having a look at my site stats from yesterday, and came across a result I wasn't expecting. Apparently someone found me for "buy propecia"??? This seems odd, because I don't sell propecia, and because it seems like a really good profitable phrase to be ranking for if you do happen to be selling propecia. I decided to...
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On-page SEO is not Dead

I keep reading articles about how "real" SEO experts don't worry about on-page SEO, and instead focus all their efforts on link building instead. It's true that link power is the most important factor for competitive phrases, but there is also good traffic to be had for the less competitive phrases, which also tend to be more...
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