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Passing the sniff test

Someone commented on here the other day saying Google employed 20,000 humans to manually review sites for spam. I hadn't heard this number before, but it makes sense to me. There is only so much you can do with an algo, so it makes sense they have an offshore warehouse somewhere full of low-cost employees working on manually removing sites...
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Duplicating content to avoid duplicate content

Here's a theory I have. I say that you might be able to avoid a duplicate content penalty by duplicating your content on another domain. Humour me for a moment, and consider the following argument before reaching for the back button. Duplicate content Duplicate content is loosely defined as being several copies of the same content in...
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Not getting involved

A competitor of mine in a particular market has shamelessly scraped some content from a big US player. The kind of shameless scraping where they forget to find-replace (company name) with their own name. The natural instinct is to send one or both parties a polite message to see if someone can fix the problem. Scenario 1 I send a message to...
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Keeping up with copyright licenses

Tonight I spent a few minutes Googling my own name to see what new incoming links I had*, you know, those lovely organic ones that you don't have to beg and plead and pay for. * Yes, I'm well aware there are tools for checking links, but Googling your name brings up pages that mention you without a link, and there were a few of those tonight....
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