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PageRank - Don't get too excited

I'm a bit of a sucker for the little green bar at the bottom of my screen showing the PR of the page I'm looking at. Sometimes, I catch myself reading the PR before reading the content to decide if it's trustworthy or not. I'm trying to stop myself from doing this, it's not healthy. 2 new websites Near the end of last year, I launched 2 new...
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Pure Water Corporation

This week I launched a new site for Pure Water Corporation NZ, a company supplying iron water filters around New Zealand. These water filters are a handy mechanism developed in the Ukraine, which filters out iron and other bad stuff from farm water. The logic is, that if the water is clean, it tastes better, and farm animals are inclined to...
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Getting out of the sandbox

The other day, I wrote an article on how the sandbox works - how it opens up your new site to the possibility of good rankings after about 6 months. I included a stock photo of a sandbox (we call them a sandpit in NZ), but then I remembered we have just spent the last few weeks building a sandbox for my 1 year old daughter. So in order to...
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The Google Sandbox is real!

We already know that the Google sandbox exists - Google has confirmed that it does exist. While looking through some ranking graphs the other day, I found some graphs which I think explain the sandbox concept very well. I forget where Google confirmed this, but probably via Matt Cutts. What is the sandbox? First, some explanation of what...
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