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Spamming your own search results

I was faced with the recent challenge of adding a search facility to a medium sized directory website. I have written custom search algorithms before, and it's generally a game of cat and mouse of tweaking / testing to get the right amount of relevance. As soon as you change the balance in one area, search results get less relevant in other...
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No more indexed search pages

Matt Cutts recently posted about indexing search results pages on your site. This interested (and worried) me as I'm quite a fan of getting my search results indexed. The bottom line is, Google says you should block your search results pages from being indexed, using robots.txt or your favorite other method. Browse vs Search I understand this...
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Ferrit SEO their site properly - sort of?

I have been in the process of writing a SEO article all about - a multi million dollar website with more SEO and web development mistakes than a drunk illiterate kid with Microsoft Frontpage could make. My article covered what you don't want your website to look like after spending a reported NZ$15 million on it. It's...
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Win a Luxury Vacation for 2 to the Supplemental Index

I currently have 3 sites in Google's supplemental index - this means that the homepage is indexed properly, and all other pages pretty well gone. What is interesting about my SEO strategy is that it is almost identical across all the sites I manage. Most of my sites use the same CMS, which is constantly being upgraded with new ideas and SEO...
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