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Hey Google, check out my 301s

Every so often, you need to change the domain name for a website. This isn't something to be taken lightly as there are several implications. One of these implications is having stale pages lingering around in Google's index from the old domain. The issue here is that due to dupe content issues, Google may not be willing to index your new...
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PHP redirect function (301 / 302)

I'm often asked how to do 301 redirects in PHP. It's not hard, but it's a pain having to remember the exact syntax every time. Here's a little function I wrote for Jojo CMS for making redirects easy. Usage Add one line of code whenever you need to do a redirect. 301 redirects... redirect(''); or...
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Moving a Website

It's long been known that in order to rank in a country specific Google, such as Google New Zealand or Google UK, you need to have one of 2 things. Either have a domain name relating to that country (eg .nz or .uk) or have the website hosted in that country. With this in mind, I have always made sure that when a new site is launched, it meets...
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PHP 301 Redirects

The preferred way of redirecting a page that has moved is by a 301 redirect. In PHP, 301 redirects are not the default (a 302 redirect is the default). Whenever you move a visitor to a new location, you should use the PHP 301 redirect, which involves one extra line of code. In PHP, a 302 redirect is done as follows... header('location:...
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Redirects - the good, the bad and the ugly

Redirects are an important part of a well maintained site. As pages are deleted or moved, it's common courtesy to sent the visitor to the new page, or at least apologise for the inconvenience. Types of redirect Redirects come in several flavours. Redirects can be done by the server, or by the client (browser). Generally speaking, a server...
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