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POST is the new nofollow

POST is the new nofollow - pagerank Google has recently posted some trivia on the use of nofollowed links. I had to check the clock to make sure this wasn't one of their April fool's stunts. It's not, which is a bit scary. Matt Cutts sums it up right here in an interview with Danny Sullivan. Danny: So there’s 10 links on home page, 5 pages Nofollowed, where is that link...
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Some notes on the PR update

I generally avoid reading blogs and forums at PR update time, because it generally turns into a sea of whining and Google hate from some, while those that are doing well get all smug and cocky. Either way, it's not great reading. That said, I have just done a quick roundup of my sites post-update, and made a few observations of my own. I'll...
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Google should discontinue toolbar pagerank

Hands up if you use toolbar PageRank when you are evaluating the value of a link? I do - I'm guilty as charged. For all it's criticisms and obvious issues, the little green bar does an "ok" job of assessing link value. If a site looks like it doesn't get much traffic, and it's a PR1, there's no way I'm going to spend time analysing...
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That trailing slash DOES matter

I have been all bitter and twisted the past few weeks about Google putting some of my pages into the supplemental index. And not just my rubbish pages, some of my best content has gone supplemental. After chewing on the problem for a couple of weeks, I have it figured out. It's the trailing slash on my URLs, or lack thereof. As odd as this...
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Dude, where's my PR6?

Apologies for the second post in a row on Google PageRank. I'm not *that* fascinated by it, really. I'm one of those guys that thinks that PR / Alexa Rank is largely a dick measuring contest between you and other webmasters out there. That is, they are an interesting metric, but just not accurate enough to be useful. Having said that, most...
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PageRank - Don't get too excited

I'm a bit of a sucker for the little green bar at the bottom of my screen showing the PR of the page I'm looking at. Sometimes, I catch myself reading the PR before reading the content to decide if it's trustworthy or not. I'm trying to stop myself from doing this, it's not healthy. 2 new websites Near the end of last year, I launched 2 new...
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