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The pagination issue

Here's one of my favourite duplicate content issues that pretty much everybody gets wrong. It's the question of how you handle a paginated set of pages, without causing duplicate content problems for yourself. Here's the basic problem Imagine a product database site, it has 100 products in a particular category, showing 20 per page. There are...
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Long tail SEO - A simplified how-to

Long tail SEO is something that I have trouble getting people to understand - the long tail is an oft-forgotten part of the search engine optimisation process because it's hard to get excited about ranking for a phrase which brings in 3 people per month. However, long tail SEO can bring in 90% of your traffic, and it's easier than beating the...
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Getting the most out of tags

As shown in my previous post on optimizing landing pages, the landing page for the phrase in question is a tags page. Funnily enough, this wasn't an accident. What is a tags page A tags page isn't much different to a search results page, in that it shows a summary of content on your site that match a particular criteria. Actually, this makes...
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Better crosslinking between articles

I was prompted by Aidan of Inkode SEO the other day to place better internal crosslinking between my articles. Apparently, I have some good content on here and it's hard to find. I tend to agree. This is something I have been meaning to do for some time, and I have now finally taken a couple of steps towards this. Aidan's comment was...
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Don't use Flash unless you have to

Sorry if this seems obvious. I have just rewritten a website for City Lodge, an Auckland accommodation NZ website. The new site looks almost exactly like the old site, except it's done in HTML instead of flash. When evaluating the job, I saw a nicely designed 5 page flash website, which had a few rollover effects and a splash page. The...
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Duplicating content to avoid duplicate content

Here's a theory I have. I say that you might be able to avoid a duplicate content penalty by duplicating your content on another domain. Humour me for a moment, and consider the following argument before reaching for the back button. Duplicate content Duplicate content is loosely defined as being several copies of the same content in...
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