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Humour: spamming the API

I'm revamping the tags system in Jojo CMS this weekend, as we need a user interface that can scale well as more and more tags are added to sites (potentially thousands of tags). A simple list of all tags no longer works in this instance, so I'm basing the system around a search, with related tags being returned via AJAX to give the user an...
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Buy Propecia - How blog spam brings you traffic

I was having a look at my site stats from yesterday, and came across a result I wasn't expecting. Apparently someone found me for "buy propecia"??? This seems odd, because I don't sell propecia, and because it seems like a really good profitable phrase to be ranking for if you do happen to be selling propecia. I decided to...
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On-page SEO is not Dead

I keep reading articles about how "real" SEO experts don't worry about on-page SEO, and instead focus all their efforts on link building instead. It's true that link power is the most important factor for competitive phrases, but there is also good traffic to be had for the less competitive phrases, which also tend to be more...
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Environmental NZ

I launched a simple website for Environmental NZ yesterday. This site will serve as a forum for environmental engineers around New Zealand, and is owned and operated by a friend of mine. Yes, I will sometimes design a website for 2 bottles of wine if you push me long enough :) It's another CMS based site, and the success of any forum is...
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Ferrit SEO their site properly - sort of?

I have been in the process of writing a SEO article all about - a multi million dollar website with more SEO and web development mistakes than a drunk illiterate kid with Microsoft Frontpage could make. My article covered what you don't want your website to look like after spending a reported NZ$15 million on it. It's...
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The Google Sandbox is real!

We already know that the Google sandbox exists - Google has confirmed that it does exist. While looking through some ranking graphs the other day, I found some graphs which I think explain the sandbox concept very well. I forget where Google confirmed this, but probably via Matt Cutts. What is the sandbox? First, some explanation of what...
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Optimise for Google New Zealand

Google comes in many flavours, and if your target market is in New Zealand, it's important you optimise for Google New Zealand as well as the International To be found in Google New Zealand, first you need to ensure Google sees your site as a NZ site. The information in this article applies to other countries, not just Google NZ....
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