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POST is the new nofollow

POST is the new nofollow - nofollow Google has recently posted some trivia on the use of nofollowed links. I had to check the clock to make sure this wasn't one of their April fool's stunts. It's not, which is a bit scary. Matt Cutts sums it up right here in an interview with Danny Sullivan. Danny: So there’s 10 links on home page, 5 pages Nofollowed, where is that link...
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Nofollowing internal links

I have just been reading an interesting article on Search Engine Land about nofollowing internal links. The author, Shari Thurow, argues that web developers should not be nofollowing links to low-priority pages (terms + conditions, privacy policy etc). Shari points out that it's odd to put a nofollow on links that search engines won't crawl,...
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Do Follow - would you like anchor text with that?

A lot of blog authors are joining the dofollow revolution, and are hacking their Wordpress installs to remove the ugly rel=nofollow attribute from comment links. I'd like to announce a new feature of this blog, and other blogs based on Jojo CMS, where a good comment is rewarded with not only a live link, but with your choice of anchor text. A...
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Some comments on comments

Some comments on comments - nofollow One of my new year's resolutions has to spend more time trolling forums and blogs. To interact more, learn some new tricks and (ahem) build some comment and signature links. Many blogs use nofollow to prevent spam, but we all know this doesn't work. This has never stopped me from commenting on blogs, I still enjoy the random bits of traffic...
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