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Some SEO wisdom from Microsoft

I just happened across a page published by Microsoft detailing 8 SEO tips. Oddly, the information is well presented and I find myself mostly agreeing with what they suggest. A lot of readers will be familiar with all this anyway, but I thought it might be relevant to some website owners or new faces. Microsoft: help people find your...
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Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo!

I wasn't entirely prepared for this news when I checked my RSS reader this morning, but upon thinking about it, it does make sense. Microsoft have made an offer to buy a big wollop of Yahoo! shares for $44 billion (half cash, half MS shares). I have never been especially fond of Microsoft, but I can put that aside in favour of seeing a...
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Top 0 reasons to love MS Office Live

MS Office Live - Microsoft's attempt at a "professional" web development package. After looking at the HTML code of the example sites they showcase, I take offense to the self proclaimed professional label. Here are the top 0 reasons why you should love MS Office Live... Top 0 reasons Please feel free to post comments if you...
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