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POST is the new nofollow

POST is the new nofollow - matt cutts Google has recently posted some trivia on the use of nofollowed links. I had to check the clock to make sure this wasn't one of their April fool's stunts. It's not, which is a bit scary. Matt Cutts sums it up right here in an interview with Danny Sullivan. Danny: So there’s 10 links on home page, 5 pages Nofollowed, where is that link...
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Getting the most out of tags

As shown in my previous post on optimizing landing pages, the landing page for the phrase in question is a tags page. Funnily enough, this wasn't an accident. What is a tags page A tags page isn't much different to a search results page, in that it shows a summary of content on your site that match a particular criteria. Actually, this makes...
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Can we please stop asking Matt his opinion on paid links?

I have recently been watching a few SEO videos and reading more blogs, and are surprised to see people are still asking Matt Cutts what he thinks about paid links. Matt Cutts has been pretty consistent on this one - I think we all know his viewpoint on the matter. There are lot's of questions I'd love to ask Matt, and I'd usually start by...
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