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Make your customers laugh

I got the following email recently from V7N, attempting to woo me back to their SEO / webmaster forums which I haven't frequented for a little while... V7N said... Dearest beloved Sadu We miss you. We love you. Your mother and I have been doing some deep soul searching, and we want you to come home. The member of the year thread is up in...
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Sticker club or chain letter?

Yesterday my 2 year old got a letter from a friend. Seeing as she can't read yet (and her SEO skills aren't developed either), I opened it for her. It's a letter welcoming her to "Sticker club". Cool. All you need to do is post a packet of stickers to the person whose name appears at the top of the page, add your name to the list,...
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Review Me

In the ongoing quest to pump up our traffic by getting creative with various link schemes, it's easy to spend way more time that you should aquiring crappy links. Aaron Wall of SEO Book fame is promoting a new service called Review Me, intended to help people advertise their sites by creating buzz. Review Me is a painfully simple concept - pay...
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Getting Forum Subscribers

Getting forum subscribers is an important part of establishing an online community. A classic case of "chicken or the egg", getting forum subscribers is a lot harder when you have an empty forum, and a lot easier once you already have an established forum. Derek Croote offers 9 tips for getting forum subscribers. Forums are great...
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DMOZ Open Directory

Dmoz or the Open Directory is one of the better known directories on the web. However, recently DMOZ has been very difficult to get into - even with decent sites. Many webmasters are wondering how relevant the open directory has become. Sorry, Dmoz is not Home - Please Leave a Message That's exactly the message I feel I am getting every time I...
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Latest Web Promotion Ideas

In this article, Steve Hill discusses some of the latest web promotion ideas. Website promotion can be hard work, but sticking to these latest web promotion ideas makes the job a little easier. I have written articles about website promotion in the past, however things on the internet are always changing and my opinions have now changed. This...
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