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Just because Google hates your site doesn't mean it hates your images

I have a number of small websites which bring in a little bit of revenue each month. Some of these sites do ok, some do rather nicely, some aren't earning the $8.95 per year to pay for their domain registration. Naturally, I test out my naughty SEO strategies on these domains instead of client's websites, or my own main websites. Sometimes,...
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Pictures 4 Schools

Another site recently launched is This is a photo library service for kids, where kids can browse for images without having to worry about what happens when you search for "toy" in Google. The content comes from around 60 different photographers, from a pool of around 100,000 images. Not all of these are...
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This week I launched the revamped Bambusero website. Mark Mortimer is a friend of mine and a talented bamboo craftsman. Mark makes creative things out of bamboo - bamboo fences, furniture, lights, beds, and water features. The Bambusero Website As with everything I do these days, the site is based on my CMS or Content Management System. Mark...
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Optimise for Google Image Search

Google Image search operates a little differently to the main search, and therefore when you optimise for Google image search, there are a few extra things to keep in mind. This article summarises the main things to note when optimising for Google image search. Yahoo and MSN also have an Image search facility, and most of these points also apply...
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