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Are you using Google screenshots illegally?

Are you using Google screenshots illegally? - Google SEOs and web design agencies often use a screenshot of Google results to show off their wonderful rankings. I hadn't really considered the copyright implications of doing this, until I stumbled across the official page on how to use Google's brand. Because most of us are too busy enjoying Gmail, Chrome and other cool freebies, it's easy to...
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Google favicons

Anyone thinking that the Google design team have been too busy making olympic themed logos to do anything else would be wrong, it would seem. I just noticed today that Google Analytics has a new favicon, and more importantly a different one to every other Google site. Maybe this happened ages ago and my browser has only just updated it's...
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Google crawling of flash content "improved"

Google have recently announced that they have improved their algorithm for crawling flash content on websites. I'd expect this would be a welcome change for many web developers, but I'm going to hold off on the excitement for a few reasons. Flash as a page element I have always supported using flash as a page element, rather than as the 'meat...
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Yellow pages thinner than ever

Our new 2008 Yellow pages directories arrived this morning. We keep these and the phone book on top of the fridge, and they never get used. Bless the internet. The old yellow pages was firmly wedged between the top of the fridge and the bottom of the liquor cabinet - I had to give the books a good yank to get them out. When I inserted the...
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I got sitelinks

Google has benevolently given my blog sitelinks. It's been a long time coming, and it would be fair to say I'm pleased as punch about the whole thing - I was wondering if it was ever going to happen. Google love If Google continues this trend and approves our Summer of Code application for Jojo CMS, it's going to be one big bundle of Google...
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Can we please stop asking Matt his opinion on paid links?

I have recently been watching a few SEO videos and reading more blogs, and are surprised to see people are still asking Matt Cutts what he thinks about paid links. Matt Cutts has been pretty consistent on this one - I think we all know his viewpoint on the matter. There are lot's of questions I'd love to ask Matt, and I'd usually start by...
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Some notes on the PR update

I generally avoid reading blogs and forums at PR update time, because it generally turns into a sea of whining and Google hate from some, while those that are doing well get all smug and cocky. Either way, it's not great reading. That said, I have just done a quick roundup of my sites post-update, and made a few observations of my own. I'll...
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Google should discontinue toolbar pagerank

Hands up if you use toolbar PageRank when you are evaluating the value of a link? I do - I'm guilty as charged. For all it's criticisms and obvious issues, the little green bar does an "ok" job of assessing link value. If a site looks like it doesn't get much traffic, and it's a PR1, there's no way I'm going to spend time analysing...
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Just because Google hates your site doesn't mean it hates your images

I have a number of small websites which bring in a little bit of revenue each month. Some of these sites do ok, some do rather nicely, some aren't earning the $8.95 per year to pay for their domain registration. Naturally, I test out my naughty SEO strategies on these domains instead of client's websites, or my own main websites. Sometimes,...
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