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SEO Blog vs SEO Forum

It occurred to me today that I don't visit SEO forums very often anymore, but spend much more time on SEO blogs. After giving this some thought, I came up with 2 reasons why I prefer SEO blogs. Signal to noise ratio Here's a couple of typical conversations you might find on a SEO forum... The "been said a million times how to get...
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Environmental NZ

I launched a simple website for Environmental NZ yesterday. This site will serve as a forum for environmental engineers around New Zealand, and is owned and operated by a friend of mine. Yes, I will sometimes design a website for 2 bottles of wine if you push me long enough :) It's another CMS based site, and the success of any forum is...
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Getting Forum Subscribers

Getting forum subscribers is an important part of establishing an online community. A classic case of "chicken or the egg", getting forum subscribers is a lot harder when you have an empty forum, and a lot easier once you already have an established forum. Derek Croote offers 9 tips for getting forum subscribers. Forums are great...
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