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Hey Google, check out my 301s

Every so often, you need to change the domain name for a website. This isn't something to be taken lightly as there are several implications. One of these implications is having stale pages lingering around in Google's index from the old domain. The issue here is that due to dupe content issues, Google may not be willing to index your new...
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The pagination issue

Here's one of my favourite duplicate content issues that pretty much everybody gets wrong. It's the question of how you handle a paginated set of pages, without causing duplicate content problems for yourself. Here's the basic problem Imagine a product database site, it has 100 products in a particular category, showing 20 per page. There are...
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Duplicating content to avoid duplicate content

Here's a theory I have. I say that you might be able to avoid a duplicate content penalty by duplicating your content on another domain. Humour me for a moment, and consider the following argument before reaching for the back button. Duplicate content Duplicate content is loosely defined as being several copies of the same content in...
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