Design is related to SEO? Well, not really SEO, but a huge part of online marketing. A nice design tricks visitors into staying on your site. On top of that, it builds trust and credibility. I have mentioned design a few times in these articles.

Working with designers

It's very rare to find a web developer who has the whole bag of skills - someone who can create a website from start to finish, which is professional in all disciplines of the trade - I'm talking backend programming, frontend coding, usability, design, content creation, marketing, SEO, and anything else I have missed. As a general-purpose web...
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SEO Web Design

Some would say that SEO Web Design is a very difficult subject. This is only true where you have a complicated layout involved. Google friendly SEO web designs can be done with very simple layouts, quite effectively. Design has nothing to do with SEO, right? Actually, no. SEO / online marketing / traffic building is all about the bottom line -...
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