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Turning bad into good

Most businesses don't have 100% customer satisfaction. Even if your service is fantastically good, there will always be people who didn't use the product as it was supposed to be used, or who weren't really the target market anyway. If, by some amazing chance, you did have 100% customer satisfaction then this claim just isn't all that...
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Ribbing your web developer in public

My wife grabs me the other day and tells me I should contact a prominent website that she frequents about some website work. When I asked why, she said that the website owner had posted a big whinge about her web developer on the front page of the website, and perhaps the client was looking to change. Rather than the client and web developer...
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We don't need no stinking CMS

10 years ago, having a website was cool. You paid your designer a small fortune to update it for you, which was done in Frontpage or Dreamweaver, or for the hardcore geeks, notepad. Then we developers invented something called a content management system, or CMS. And everyone was running around going "Hey, you can update your own content...
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