SEOs often bullshit on about content being King. Others say Links are King, and they are probably right to some degree.
Content is defined as whatever your site is about. You do know what your site is about? What makes a good site? Often it comes town to you relating personally to the author.
Yet many webmasters thing they can publish the same corporate shit and expect people to believe it.

We are the international leader in (whatever). Our fast paced team of qualified professionals are constantly on call to provide you with the best possible service bla bla bla

If you know how to talk to your audience, then content is king. I mention content in my blog from time to time - I like to think it's important.

Long tail SEO - A simplified how-to

Long tail SEO is something that I have trouble getting people to understand - the long tail is an oft-forgotten part of the search engine optimisation process because it's hard to get excited about ranking for a phrase which brings in 3 people per month. However, long tail SEO can bring in 90% of your traffic, and it's easier than beating the...
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We don't need no stinking CMS

10 years ago, having a website was cool. You paid your designer a small fortune to update it for you, which was done in Frontpage or Dreamweaver, or for the hardcore geeks, notepad. Then we developers invented something called a content management system, or CMS. And everyone was running around going "Hey, you can update your own content...
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10 ways to kill your site

When explaining SEO to a potential client I usually break it down into 3 key areas. Technical SEO, being all those on-site things they don't understand such as duplicate content and fixing ugly URLs etc. On-page SEO being the process of choosing the best words for your pages and using them in the right places. And link building, the process...
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Are questions in search results more clickable?

A question is an invitation to find out more about something. We read a question, and the natural response is to answer that question. Maybe it's just me, but I quite like the idea of someone subconsciously thinking "yes" while reading my search result. Want to lose 10kg while sitting at your computer desk? You bet. I have answered...
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That trailing slash DOES matter

I have been all bitter and twisted the past few weeks about Google putting some of my pages into the supplemental index. And not just my rubbish pages, some of my best content has gone supplemental. After chewing on the problem for a couple of weeks, I have it figured out. It's the trailing slash on my URLs, or lack thereof. As odd as this...
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Why don't people use 301 redirects?

I have just completely revamped the NZ Coastguard boating education website tonight. When I say "revamped", I mean make substantial changes to the backend with virtually no changes to how it looks - if anyone notices anything new, I'll be surprised. Clients aren't going to notice the new nice URLs, the new CSS based layout, the fact...
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Dude, where's my PR6?

Apologies for the second post in a row on Google PageRank. I'm not *that* fascinated by it, really. I'm one of those guys that thinks that PR / Alexa Rank is largely a dick measuring contest between you and other webmasters out there. That is, they are an interesting metric, but just not accurate enough to be useful. Having said that, most...
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On-page SEO is not Dead

I keep reading articles about how "real" SEO experts don't worry about on-page SEO, and instead focus all their efforts on link building instead. It's true that link power is the most important factor for competitive phrases, but there is also good traffic to be had for the less competitive phrases, which also tend to be more...
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Ferrit SEO their site properly - sort of?

I have been in the process of writing a SEO article all about - a multi million dollar website with more SEO and web development mistakes than a drunk illiterate kid with Microsoft Frontpage could make. My article covered what you don't want your website to look like after spending a reported NZ$15 million on it. It's...
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Duplicate Content

Duplicate content occurs when blocks of text are published on different websites. An awareness of how duplicate content works in Google should be an important part of your SEO strategy. This morning I ran into a very interesting case of duplicate content on a site, where SEO efforts were actually working against the site, which I will explain....
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Session IDs in PHP can cause some real problems when search engines index your pages. For this reason, you should disable PHPSESSID on your sites, and keep session IDs in cookies instead. If you disable PHPSESSID in the URL, this can become a usability issue, as all visitors must have cookies enabled to make use of any code that requires...
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Content is King

The phrase "content is king" is often cited by webmasters. This means creating your site from a wide range of text, containing enough content to have a range of keywords indexed. Content is King. Content Is Superior, But What Content? In a previous article titled "Google's new look on links" I explained to you what Google...
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Preventing Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a problem with many websites, and most webmasters don't realise they are doing anything wrong. Most search engines want to provide relevant results for their users, it's how Google got successful. If the search engine was to return 5 identical pages on the same page of the search results, it's not likely to be useful to...
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