Blog comment spam is an interesting thing. We try to block it with nofollow, but we also know that doesn't work. We use CAPTCHA images, which seem to work, but it's only a matter of time for those.
I like comments on this blog, and because I'm such a big generous guy, you can spam my blog with useful comments and score a PR6 link out of it. If your comment is not useful, I'll bellow a big hearty laugh and amuse myself at the fact you think I'm an idiot.

Seriously though, post a useful comment to any of my posts, and if I like it, I'll share the link love. Easy PR6.

Please login to comment

Recently I have noticed a trend on a number of blogs. It goes something like this... There are 0 comments on this post. Please register or login to place a comment. Hmmm. Asking random visitors to register an account when they only want to leave a one-off comment is a huge ask. Especially when there is a good chance registration requires...
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Do Follow - would you like anchor text with that?

A lot of blog authors are joining the dofollow revolution, and are hacking their Wordpress installs to remove the ugly rel=nofollow attribute from comment links. I'd like to announce a new feature of this blog, and other blogs based on Jojo CMS, where a good comment is rewarded with not only a live link, but with your choice of anchor text. A...
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2nd hand Link building for the Link Puppy

Lately I'm spending more time spamming (cough - I mean adding useful and relevant content) to forums and blog comments. Even if they are nofollow links, it's all about brand building and getting your name out there. Good comments on good blogs do bring in traffic. 2nd hand link building A friend of mine, known as the "shadi-master"...
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Some comments on comments

Some comments on comments - comments One of my new year's resolutions has to spend more time trolling forums and blogs. To interact more, learn some new tricks and (ahem) build some comment and signature links. Many blogs use nofollow to prevent spam, but we all know this doesn't work. This has never stopped me from commenting on blogs, I still enjoy the random bits of traffic...
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