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Stopping Manual Spam on your Blog

Stopping Manual Spam on your Blog - captcha I woke up this morning to a number of new comments on my blog. All of them utter crap from offshore SEO link builders. I know they were posted by offshore link builders, because I happen to track referral URLs on all comments. These particular referral URLs all had search queries like web design "post comment" which is a pretty...
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Has my 3 letter CAPTCHA been hacked?

Last night I was minding my own business, cutting some code, when the blog comments started to race in. But rubbish spam comments, not real ones. I haven't had a big problem with spam since installing a simple CAPTCHA on my comments and contact forms, and where my previous spam:real ration was about 10:1 it's now more like 1:10 - which is...
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The CAPTCHA to end all CAPTCHAs

I love CAPTCHAs. The amount of comment spam and contact form spam I have been getting has all but dropped to zero since adding a simple 3 letter CAPTCHA to my site. However, some CAPTCHAs can be a little tough to crack. Here's the best example of this I have seen yet, found on (Yes, I heard rumours of an update,...
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