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Apologizing for not blogging enough

How many blog posts start with something like "It's been a while since I posted anything, sorry about that, I promise I'll be posting more soon bla bla bla..."? Apologizing at the start of anything really takes the shine off things... Apologizing for being late to a meeting Apologizing for your hourly rate being so high Apologizing...
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SEO Blog vs SEO Forum

It occurred to me today that I don't visit SEO forums very often anymore, but spend much more time on SEO blogs. After giving this some thought, I came up with 2 reasons why I prefer SEO blogs. Signal to noise ratio Here's a couple of typical conversations you might find on a SEO forum... The "been said a million times how to get...
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Do Follow - would you like anchor text with that?

A lot of blog authors are joining the dofollow revolution, and are hacking their Wordpress installs to remove the ugly rel=nofollow attribute from comment links. I'd like to announce a new feature of this blog, and other blogs based on Jojo CMS, where a good comment is rewarded with not only a live link, but with your choice of anchor text. A...
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Buy Propecia - How blog spam brings you traffic

I was having a look at my site stats from yesterday, and came across a result I wasn't expecting. Apparently someone found me for "buy propecia"??? This seems odd, because I don't sell propecia, and because it seems like a really good profitable phrase to be ranking for if you do happen to be selling propecia. I decided to...
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Some comments on comments

Some comments on comments - blogging One of my new year's resolutions has to spend more time trolling forums and blogs. To interact more, learn some new tricks and (ahem) build some comment and signature links. Many blogs use nofollow to prevent spam, but we all know this doesn't work. This has never stopped me from commenting on blogs, I still enjoy the random bits of traffic...
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