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Paris Hilton and Link reputation

Paris Hilton's reputation is shot - how about yours? John Gergye explains the concept of link reputation, and why this article has anything to do with Paris Hilton. With apologies for the cheap trick of mentioning Paris Hilton to get your attention, coming to grips with the idea you're about to discover is critically important to your success...
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Should You Buy Text Links?

Buying text links is a common practice for websites that want to rank well. Does buying text links work, and is it effective? Matt Colyer explains... You can rank number one (Or at least in the top ten) for just about any search phrase by just buying text link ads, even if the web site isn't related to the search phrase in anyway, it can still...
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Getting Links To Your Site

Getting links to your site is an important task in your quest for dominance. Getting links, and getting quality links to your site can be done in several ways which are ethical and not too time consuming. Author Terry Echols explains. In my experience this is the single most important factor to increasing your search engine rankings. Links...
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