Google Adwords is a paid search system - allowing webmasters to pay Google for good positions in the sponsored results. I'm predicting a trend towards more and more of Google's homepage being covered with paid results, to the point where there are more paid reuslts than organic results.

Yellow pages thinner than ever

Our new 2008 Yellow pages directories arrived this morning. We keep these and the phone book on top of the fridge, and they never get used. Bless the internet. The old yellow pages was firmly wedged between the top of the fridge and the bottom of the liquor cabinet - I had to give the books a good yank to get them out. When I inserted the...
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Too spammy for organic, but we'll take your adwords dollar

There is something about this search result that bothers me. Here we have a Google search for "text link ads" and oddly enough doesn't show up first, or even in the first 3 pages of results I checked. Oh, but they have the top position in the sponsored results. Please forgive me for another Google whinge...
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Google's sponsored links getting sneakier

I just got tricked into clicking on Google's Adsense today, and I thought it less than amusing how they are starting to use the same dodgy tricks as the other MFA (Made For Adsense) spam sites out there to get more clicks. I'm working on a different monitor today, on a LCD which is a bit brighter than usual. A friend asks me to recommend some...
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