Free SEO Site Review

While a lot of the information on this site is straightforward, it can often be difficult to know where to start on an existing site. If your site is in desperate need of SEO and you don't know where to start, I am offering a free seo site review to any small site that is interested in improving rankings.

Depending on the site, I will sometimes send a full report detailing all the major SEO issues on a site. Other sites need to get the basics right before getting into the hard stuff, so I spend more time explaining how to make the changes as well as what needs to be changed. More often than not, it comes down to removing duplicate content, proper keyword research, and targeting chosen phrases correctly.

Types of review

  • Free Review outlining major SEO issues
  • Link back - more detailed review, will answer specific questions by email, a link back to this site is required
  • Paid review - more detailed, professionally formatted review

The price for the link back review is simply a link. If you place a link to this or another of my sites somewhere on your website, I will spend some time reviewing your website and offer some good advice on what needs to be done. Free SEO site reviews (no link or $$ required) aren't as detailed as the site reviews where a link is provided in return.

For the link back review, the quality of this advice will be more or less proportional to the quality of the link that is placed - Don't expect mind-blowing recommendations if you place the link on resources-254.htm with 1200 other links to viagra and casino sites. If on the other hand you place a link on a nice looking page with real content, then I will spend a decent amount of time on the review and give follow-up advice as well. A decent site review takes around an hour, and I think a good quality link in exchange is more than reasonable for this.

English Language

Please note this offer applies to english language sites only - I don't speak any other language sorry. Having said that, I am able to offer technical advice on any site, as a large part of SEO is making sure your site is indexable.

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