SEO Tools

New SEO Tools (homemade and baked fresh)

Check out the redirect check tool. This tool looks at the different URLs for your homepage and reports back on the responses given by the server. You may be surprised at what responses your site returns, and this can often be a cause for duplicate content or split link popularity.

Another recent tool is the SEO Form extension for Firefox. This makes manual directory submissions a little bit easier.

In other News

Our most popular SEO Tool is still the spam-o-meter - an automated way of checking the quality of a link exchange partner. Using SEO tools such as the spam-o-meter automates the manual processes of SEO and can save time for other things.

The spam-o-meter is free, and gives a potential link partner the "once over" - is it indexed in Google, what is it's pagerank, and how many other links are there on the page?

Keyword Research Tools

Conducting keyword research before adding new content is important to ensure your content is written around the right phrases. Use these keyword research tools to find the most popular phrases that people use in the search engines. These tools aren't mine though.