SEO Services - NZ & the world

Our primary business is providing SEO services, and creating content managed websites - SEO services in Auckland, New Zealand and around the world. SEO services fall primarily into 3 categories, which we like to apply in order.

The feedback on the site has been amazing bro, and I cant thank you enough!! We have had more website responses in the past 3 weeks than we had since the site has been in existence, so you're doing something right, and I will be sure to be screaming your name from the mountain tops!!
Ken Sommers, Sirius Sports

Technical SEO

We excel at getting your site structure correct for the search engines, where most SEO companies get this part wrong. You won't find any duplicate content, dodgy redirects, duplicated pagerank or badly formed URLs on our sites. Having a clean site structure with strong internal linking lays the foundations for a well optimised website.
It's all about making it easy for the search engines to index your site, which is fundamental.

On-page Optimisation

This process involves going through each page of your site and choosing the best search phrases to target. We then make sure each page has a good title, meta description, h1 heading and opening paragraph. If you don't have enough pages on your site, we will tell you what new content pages need to be added.
At this time, we will likely rename your URLs so they are more user friendly, and contain one or more of the words we are targeting. We build a list of phrases that we want to rank for (typically 50 - 300 phrases) and record where the site currently ranks. How can you measure any improvement if you don't know where you are now?

Link Building

The final and ongoing process of SEO is link building. This is a difficult process that can ruin your website if not done correctly, so we do this slooooooowly, and under the radar.
We aren't one of those SEO companies that will build thousands of links from any old site, as search engines are making it clear (via the search results) that these links have little effect.
We want good links from good websites, and we want the links to still be there in 5 years time.
How we go about this exactly depends entirely on your website. It's invariably much much easier if your site has great content. If you are committed to creating a content rich site that is interesting and updated, then links and search engine results will naturally follow.

New Zealand SEO

We are based in Auckland New Zealand, but we do SEO for sites around the world.


Pricing always depends on what sort of shape your site is currently in, and what sort of phrases you want to start ranking for. If you are the only kebab shop in Glendene, I'm pretty sure a top ranking for "kebab shop glendene" isn't going to be expensive. Other phrases can take years to rank well for, involving many hundreds of hours work.
I like to spread the net wide and target a large number of phrases - it's easy to rank well for phrases others can't be bothered targeting, and the traffic does add up.
Most sites should budget a couple of hundred dollars a month for SEO and online marketing activities. This will allow us to spend enough time on your site each month to keep track of how the site is doing, make SEO improvements to new content as it is added, build a few links and keep watch on what those evil competitors are up to.