SEO Form - Auto-complete tool

SEO Form is a Firefox extension to help speed up manual directory submissions.

I regularly do directory submissions for my sites, and I was finding the whole process a bit painful having to re-enter the same information on every page.
So I then had all my data in a text file open on another screen, and would copy-paste my data into the form fields one by one. This works ok, but is still a bit slow.

What it does

SEO Form semi-automates the process of filling form fields on directory submission or link exchange pages. You enter your data for up to 4 different sites, and simply press a button in the status bar to complete the form.

SEO Form statusbar

Statusbar - SEO Form lives with your other favourite SEO extensions (SearchStatus and ShowIP).

SEO Form works by reading the names of the form elements and attempting to match them against the data fields it knows about (name, title, url, email address etc). If a match is not found, the form field is highlighted so you can easily pick the fields it misses.

The purpose is to complete most of the form fields automatically. You then manually check that all fields are completed correctly, enter any CAPTCHAs, tweak the description a little and press the submit button.

SEO Form options

The options screen where sites are defined - enter data for up to 4 sites

SEO Features

There are other extensions which can do form autocompletion better than this one. However, this one was designed with SEO and mindless directory submissions in mind, so it has a few additional features you might find useful.

There are 4 fields per site for title and description. When the data is inserted, a random title and description is picked each time. This helps keep your link profile a little more natural looking. Having 100 links with exactly the same title and description does not look natural. Even with this randomisation, you will still want to change the titles / descriptions every so often.
For paid directories, or anything that looks high quality, it's best to write a unique description every time.

SEO Form also allows you to load data for up to 4 sites. When you find a good directory, it makes sense to submit several sites at once. In future versions, this number will likely be extended for those who do SEO for lots of sites.

SEO Form example

Above - a typical submission form. SEO Form completes the fields it knows about, and highlights those it can't match (such as CAPTCHAs).

Version & License

SEO Form is free to use, and LGPL licensed. The current version is very beta - I am releasing it because I find it very useful, although there are additional features planned, and some bugs to squash.

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Download the extension here - SEO Form

Update 11 May 2009

This plugin has been updated to support Forefox 3, as well as up to 10 sets of data. Thanks to Michael Brandon of SearchMasters for getting this done.