Manual Spam Blocker (for Wordpress)

ManualSpamBlocker is a Wordpress plugin which attempts to reduce manually-entered blog spam from link builders or SEOs.

Often these people will start their day's spamming activities by going to google and searching for "web design +post +comment" or similar queries and working their way through the results, posting nonsense comments on each blog in the list.

As a blog owner, you have better things to do than having to read and delete these human-entered comments.

Comments are closed buddy

This plugin makes a very small change to Wordpress. If the visitor arrived from a search query that contains "post comment" or similar, comments will appear closed on the blog. For all other visitors, everything appears normal.


Download the latest version (0.1) of


The SVN repository is


Open-source, of course. This plugin is GPL licensed, as per Wordpress' recommendation.


Installation instructions are in the readme, but it's not complicated. It's simply a matter of unzipping / uploading into the wp-content/plugins folder of your wordpress install, then activating the plugin via the Wordpress plugins page. Nothing more to it.


It's probably worth mentioning that I maintain a relatively small number of Wordpress blogs, and this is my first Wordpress plugin. Gotta start somewhere right?

If your blog is busy and gets lots of comments, I would recommend doing your own testing before making this live. Of course, I'd love to see any enhancements or changes that you might happen to make to this.


Tech support for this plugin is limited, however do let me know of any bugs or issues you might find. The plugin is very simple, so I wouldn't expect too much to go wrong.


Like this plugin? Find yourself with many more hours in the day now that your comment spam is reduced? Feel free to shout me a beer, or simply hook me up with a link.