Harvey Kane

Harvey Kane

I'm Harvey Kane, and this is one of many websites I maintain. I'm a PHP web developer based in Auckland, New Zealand, and my main interest is in developing CMS websites that adhere to modern standards. These include SEO, usability, and (with a designer's input) design.

I'm self-employed, work from an office about 5 metres from home, and employ contractors to help out when things get busy (ie all the time). This works out well - I get to enjoy the company of working with other talented people, without the stress of managing permanent staff. I'm equally committed to my own online projects as well as client projects, which means I do actually practice what I'm preaching.

Having spent the last 2 years+ developing our PHP open source CMS product, Jojo CMS, it's finally something we can be proud of. It's standards compliant, search engine friendly, and can be adapted to a number of different applications - from AJAX based photo libraries, to shopping cart sites, to blogs, to product databases.

With every project I try to tackle a new challenge of some sort - perhaps a tricky piece of CSS, or automating some mundane task, or a new SEO tool. I use RagePank as an outlet to share this knowledge with the web community - by helping others, I find this always works out well for me in the long run.

I'm happy to answer questions for people, and I love to hear about the good results people get from following my advice.

Harvey Kane.