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Currently Unavailable for new projects

I am now in full time employment and are not taking on work from new clients. Sorry.

Phone numbers

The time in New Zealand is around 19:58 on Monday evening. Now is a good time to call.

Please, don't call to try and sell outsourced SEO / web development services, directory listings - I'm really really not interested.

Office: +64 9 950 4133
Mobile: +64 21 811 951
Calling from Wanaka: +64 3 746 8133

Home / Personal calls: +64 9 950 4132

Postal address

Harvey Kane
PO Box 14
Albert Town
Wanaka 9344
New Zealand

Other contacts

Instant messaging

I am available via Skype or MSN, under certain circumstances. Please read my IM policy for more details on this.


Facebook if you know me.
Facebook: harveykane