CMS - Content Management System

All the sites I do these days are based on my own open source CMS, or content management system , which is now known as Jojo CMS. Most of the time, I simply refer to it as "your admin section" as this is what the client knows best.

There are hundreds of CMS products out there.
Why write you own?

Most CMS systems fail miserably when it comes to SEO. Those that get SEO right often have other major problems - usability, speed, ease of configuration, etc etc.
We needed something that was fast, search engine friendly and easy to configure. OSCommerce works well for a shopping cart site, but is not the best choice for any other type of site. It's also not SEO friendly. Wordpress is a great blogging platform, and is SEO friendly once you apply the mods, but I haven't seen any good shopping cart sites built on Wordpress.

CMS Features

OS Commerce and Wordpress are still great products. But I like to add a little creative spark to what I do.

Just a quick text from my website.
The quickedit feature - fucking amazing!
Mark, a 56k user

Here's an overview of some of the unique features of what Jojo CMS has to offer...

  • Completely AJAX your website (like this site) - not everyone's choice, but up to you
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • BBCode editor for content
  • Automatically obfuscate email addresses
  • Built in forums, which use the same login as the admin section
  • Multi-level user security
  • Automatic meta keywords based on page content
  • Automatically resize and display images - amazing control here
  • Caching of images for improved performance
  • Caching of page content for faster loading
  • BBCode editor which produces valid markup
  • AJAX editing of page content - very quick
  • Works on most PHP/MySQL/Apache shared hosts
  • Built in rankings checker - monitor your positions on Google, Google (local results), Yahoo and MSN
  • Article management for unique or syndicated articles
  • Automatic Google XML sitemap
  • Automatic sitemap showing all pages
  • Built in link exchange system (not that we really use that anymore)
  • Optional CAPTCHA on contact form to prevent spam
  • Easy to add new modules for editing products / courses / clients etc etc
  • Support for SSL pages
  • Seamless 301 redirection between SSL and non-SSL pages
  • No duplicate content as old URLs are 301 redirected to the new location
  • Create Presell pages on your website
  • Template driven for total customisation
  • And many many more features

Easy to install

Easy to install is one thing it's not. Creating a good website requires a professional developer who understands the elements required for a website that works. If you are after an easy to install and setup product, then this is not the right product for you.
We take pride in creating professional CSS templates that are customised for your site only. We create custom modules for your CMS to give you the functionality you need, and come up with a search engine marketing plan that will maximise the SEO features of the CMS.


I don't charge for Jojo CMS, and the product is open source. I do however charge for installation, configuration, and training, so you are purchasing a complete website from me. A typical CMS site will cost around US$1000 plus any additional design costs. Product databases, secure shopping carts and custom functionality is usually an additional cost.
I firmly believe this CMS platform is an excellent solution for most websites - the SEO features plus the ability to customise to your liking make for a very usable and fast website.

Getting started

I would be happy to talk to you about setting up a CMS based website. Please contact me to discuss this.