Trolls and email addresses

Trolls and email addresses Privacy seems to be a fairly hot topic these days and I watched with interest when a local company made a bit of a blunder and the privacy police promptly jumped all over them.

The offender was Paymex, a local New Zealand payment gateway provider that is sadly closing their doors - and bulk emailed an announcement all their customers without remembering to BCC all the addresses. Oops.

I haven't used their service for some time, so this announcement doesn't affect me, I read the announcement, deleted it, and carried on with my life.

However, not everyone was so contented and some people just had to start up a discussion.

Obviously, I am not happy with your lack notice regarding the closure of Paymex services. However, this pales into insignificance compared to your openly displaying my email address to various members of your customer base. This is extraordinarily unprofessional and we will be moving our clients to other services with all due dispatch.

Growl growl, coming from a privacy-concerned guy that publishes his email address in spam-harvester-friendly plain text on his website. By the way, I don't think Paymex will be all that upset about clients moving elsewhere, what with them closing down and all.

And then a couple more emails with a similar tone.
bla bla bla... (snip) ... bla bla bla

And then some words of wisdom...
However as a user I do not want to be subject to hundreds of emails today with comments.

So please do not REPLY to All as this is going to get out of control.

Exactly - at this point the BCC cockup has turned into a grand old discussion being sent back and forwards between a few hundred unwilling participants. Let's not make a bad situation worse right?

Our organisation has never been associated with PayMex and is also shocked at the lack of privacy of email addresses.

These emails are either Spam, Hoax, or the product of a very unprofessional organisation.

"Shocked". This guy kindly included a link to his website in this complaint about spam. It's not ok to mass email people out of the blue, but apparently it's fine to jump on the bandwagon once somebody else starts it.

And then someone having a crack at moving the discussion out of people's inboxes...
Although we are all agreed it was wrong to share people’s details for many people there may be benefit is discussing options and identifying others with the same integration needs. In order to kill any further e-mail discussion but allow real discussion to take place we have set up a blog that people can add discussion to:

Please note that we will not contact anyone directly as a result of posting on this blog.

Hopefully this will be the last e-mail to this group and anyone who wishes to discuss further can use the blog

Some people got the message but not everyone. This seemed like a perfectly logical option, but with a mailing list this size there are bound to be trolls lurking.

This is really unprofessional to lack all customer email contact to every one.

Like this one - who just regurgitated the sentiment that has already been shared, adding nothing to the discussion that nobody wants anyway.

Hi Paymex

Email address is personal information, sould not be discloursed to anyone else without the permission.
I will keep the right to take legal action.

Legal action is the answer to all the world's problems. Paymex's offence should not go unpunished, and I would see them condemned to slavery for sharing my email address.

Who is this and what's going on? the website of the email domain is in NZ, i'm in Melbourne Australia!

Yep, spam the list, someone out there will be perfectly happy to explain what's going on!!!!!111111

who cares! - n0b0dy 1s prfect - so just go over it!

Yes, a sentiment shared by many, though sadly the discussion continues.

Paymex sending my email out like they did pisses me off, but so does each reply that repeats it!

At least be smart enough to make it a blind copy if you’re going to copy me in.

Better still just send your complaints direct to Paymex and leave me out.

Aaargh. Again, a valid point but meh, if I wanted a discussion I'd go troll a forum or something.

I too am NOT happy that our addresses got shown to "the world" - but please
guys, stop REPLYING TO ALL !!!!

And the saga continues. I don't think this will be the last message. Again, meh.


Oh, in case the purpose of the illustration is lost on anyone, it's supposed to be a troll. You just can't trust trolls with email lists. If the illustration police want to point me at some good tutorials, I'd be most appreciative :)
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