Yellow pages thinner than ever

Our new 2008 Yellow pages directories arrived this morning. We keep these and the phone book on top of the fridge, and they never get used. Bless the internet.

The old yellow pages was firmly wedged between the top of the fridge and the bottom of the liquor cabinet - I had to give the books a good yank to get them out.

When I inserted the new Yellow pages into where the old ones were, there was now plenty of room free. What was previously wedged in there tightly now has about an inch of clearance.


That inch of lost Yellow Pages probably represents several million dollars worth of lost advertising for Telecom (Edit: not owned by Telecom anymore, hasn't been for a few years now).

It would be a fair guess to say that more and more people are pulling the plug on their Yellow Pages advertising, and putting their spend into internet marketing activities such as Adwords.

So why is it such a job to convince people of the value of organic SEO in this country? Google has done a great job of making 'adwords' mean the same thing as 'internet marketing', just like Microsoft has done a great job in getting people to refer to Internet Explorer as simply 'the internet'.

Adwords, SEO consultants, link buying, Yellow pages, and offline marketing all compete with each other. My experience is that there is usually a fixed budget available for advertising, as opposed to an unlimited budget with a specified cost per conversion (ie spend as much as you like so long as it doesn't cost more than $30 per sale).

May the best medium win!
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