Stopping Manual Spam on your Blog

Stopping Manual Spam on your Blog I woke up this morning to a number of new comments on my blog. All of them utter crap from offshore SEO link builders.

I know they were posted by offshore link builders, because I happen to track referral URLs on all comments. These particular referral URLs all had search queries like web design "post comment" which is a pretty standard starting point for link builders looking for blogs to comment on.

Great post!

This got me thinking. When was the last time one of these link builders actually posted a useful comment? Their comments make it straight past the CAPTCHA because it's a human entering them, and because they don't usually contain spammy phrases such as 'WOW gold' or 'viagra' it's hard to algorithmically filter them too.

Does anyone else have problems with these 'low quality but not completely spam' posts? The ones where you have to stop and think for a bit before deleting?

Would it be so bad if I simply said no to all comments from visitors that arrived at the site from a search query such as web design "post comment"? Or any search query containing "add link", "submit url", "post comment" etc.

So, I thought I would put a bit of code together to put this theory into action.


So here is ManualSpamBlocker. It's a Wordpress plugin that closes comments for all posts if the visitor arrived via a dodgy looking search query. The link builder can still enjoy your quality blog posts, but they just won't be able to comment on them because they will think comments are closed.

Simple huh?

This is the first Wordpress plugin that I have released, so I would really welcome any feedback you might have on it. It's still to be considered Alpha quality code, so don't be rushing to install it on your high-traffic blog just yet. Once I'm happy with how it's looking, I'll submit it to the Wordpress plugin database and see what happens. Happy to give out SVN access to anyone who thinks they are able to contribute.
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