Humour: spamming the API

I'm revamping the tags system in Jojo CMS this weekend, as we need a user interface that can scale well as more and more tags are added to sites (potentially thousands of tags).

A simple list of all tags no longer works in this instance, so I'm basing the system around a search, with related tags being returned via AJAX to give the user an idea of what is already in the system.

External APIs

I thought it might be worth investigating a system whereby the related tags list was provided by an external API, which would have much more data to work off than one of my sites ever could. I did some searching, and found a Yahoo My web 2.0 Webservice, which looks like what I was after. Flikr also have something similar, but it's more based around photos, which might not be so appropriate.

So after signing up for an account, I'm testing out the Yahoo API to see if it looks useful.

The results vary. Here's some of my test results...


My first search was for NZ - let's see what Yahoo has to say about my homeland...
  • kiwis
  • new zealand
  • living
  • 420
  • abusive
  • adult
  • adult dating online
  • adult dating personals
  • adult dating service
  • adult dating services
  • adult dating site
  • adult relationship
  • adult romance
  • advice
  • agency
  • all blacks
  • alternative dating
  • american
  • american male
  • anatomy
  • anime girl
  • aoteoroa
  • apostolic single network
  • art
  • asian dating
  • asian girl
  • ass
  • auckland
  • avon
  • bachelor

Uhuh. The kiwis of Aotearoa are abusive marijuana smoking (yeah, I noticed that reference to 420), american male bachelors interested in asian girl anatomy, ass and we spend our time browsing alternative adult dating services. And we like the All Blacks.

Not so far fetched, I guess, but not exactly the positive image we try to present to the world.


So my next search was SEO - what does the internet community think of us website optimizers?
  • security
  • search
  • anime
  • sex
  • service
  • samsung
  • 2.0
  • amateur
  • shopping
  • sem
  • sexy
  • free
  • link building
  • restoration
  • review
  • web
  • small
  • shop
  • sharing
  • share
  • server
  • sell
  • search engine optimization
  • science
  • sat
  • sale
  • google
  • videoseo services
  • keywords

Not so far fetched this time. SEOs are sexy, sharing people and we are known to sell a review packed with keywords for the purpose of link building but we tell google the review was free.

Yeah, I'd go along with that.

Spam, anyone?

Anyone else get the impression that wherever this system gets it's data from is getting spammed harder than a 40 pound anvil?
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