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My father just forwarded me an email he received which happened to contain the word "SEO". To be honest, I'm impressed he actually remembered that's what I do, I'm pretty sure the concept goes over most people's heads.

The email was promoting a New Zealand SEO course (, apparently the first of it's kind in NZ.

I thought I'd check out the SEO course and see if it's any good.

So, I got as far as the homepage and then got a bit frightened off by the design. It's one of those typical hard-sell one-page websites with everthing highlighted in yellow. Now, this isn't to say the course isn't any good, but the page looks like thousands of other one-page sales websites, and screams of a 'make money online' template. Not a great first impression, but no doubt this page format is very effective at what it does.

SEO Course SEO

So putting that to one side, I read the content, and it all seems reasonable enough. I thought I'd have a quick look at their own SEO.
  • No pages indexed in Google (and therefore not ranking at all).
  • Meta description is "Join the first online SEO course in Australia".
  • No H1 heading
  • Dodgy HML markup, created by $99 web editor software

The course is only $7 per month, and if I was to be doing a fair and honest review of this service, I should really sign up and give them a fair run before making comment.

But given the above, I'm pretty sure the Australians are just taking the piss. Attention to detail is one of the most important elements of SEO, and the blatent copy-paste of's meta description has me doubting the quality of this offering.

I'd also say it's not unreasonable to expect a website that provides SEO services to at least have basic SEO in place, and be indexed by Google. How else are we to judge the quality of this offering, short of signing up?

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