Sending clients to Google

I heard an ad on the radio for Down Under Insurance. What peaked my interest about this ad was that they didn't give the web address for finding our more information - instead they asked you to Google for "down under insurance".

My first thoughts was that this was a bit silly. By sending the user to Google, you are giving them an opportunity to click on another company's listing. Of course, Down Under insurance is going to show up first on a search for "down under insurance", and they do have sitelinks which are hard to go past, but there are still competing Adwords results on the page that users will see.

Radio advertising is damn expensive - if it was me paying for the campaign, I would be minimising the risk of losing that traffic.

.com vs

Also, if you enter the query on their .com site is showing up before the - surely the New Zealand site has locally targeted content, and surely a New Zealander coming to the site from a radio ad would want to see the New Zealand content?


Maybe they have some strategy I'm not aware of. I don't particularly like the domain name, so personally I would be sending traffic to - it's obvious, easy to say over the radio, easy to remember, will get the NZ user to the site, and with no chance of giving the competitors any extra traffic.

I'm struggling to think of why sending the radio listener to Google is a better idea.
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