Are there *any* link building specialists in NZ?

Seriously, if someone can recommend a good link builder / link building expert based in New Zealand, please let me know.

The problem I have is that everyone is a SEO expert and everyone is a link building expert; if you go off what it says on everyone's website.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not an expert link builder - my expertise lies with fixing pokey technical on-page issues, especially with custom CMS systems, and optimising body copy. I'm very good at these things. Yes, I do link building as part of any SEO job (to do otherwise would be unprofessional), but it's not my core area of business, not my bread-and-butter.

Then every so often a job comes along where the success / failure of the site depends solely on links, and my fixing duplicate content or jamming extra words into the title isn't going to make one bit of diference. I'd much rather focus on doing great on-page SEO, and the logical course of action is to pass the job to a specialist link builder.

Not a...

Not a web developer who lists link building as one of their services, not an offshore link building partnership, not the in-house intern who has a bit of spare time, not an internet marketing all-rounder.

A specialist link builder probably has very decent on-page skills, and knows how to cut mean code, but their bread-and-butter is establishing links to their client's websites.

Too much to ask?

Does such a person/company exist in New Zealand? Give me a call.

PS. I'm sure Aidan from Inkode is itching to put his hand up, but the vote doesn't really count until you can start taking on clients mate :)
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