Announcing NewFirst Thunderbird add-on

Again, I stray from the path of SEO blogging and post more non-SEO content. However, seeing as my blog gets more Firefox traffic than IE traffic, there's a good chance that many of you are using Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client, so this post might be of some use.

NewFirst Thunderbird Add-on

This morning I decided to do something about a particular Thunderbird behaviour that has been bugging me for some time - the fact that when you click the date column header to sort mesages by date, they get sorted 'oldest at the top' by default. I want them to be 'newest at the top'.

Above: Clicking the date column header sorts in ascending order (oldest messages first). You need to click it a second time to get descending order.

I couldn't find any way to rectify this default behaviour, so I created a Thunderbird add-on called NewFirst to get things how I like them.

This is my first attempt at a Thunderbird Add-on, so I'd appreciate any feedback on this (either by email, or using the blog comments below). It's a very simple add-on, but solves a problem I'm sure others have noticed.

More info

You can either read the full spiel, or just download newfirst.xpi and get on your merry way.
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