Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo!

I wasn't entirely prepared for this news when I checked my RSS reader this morning, but upon thinking about it, it does make sense.

Microsoft have made an offer to buy a big wollop of Yahoo! shares for $44 billion (half cash, half MS shares).

I have never been especially fond of Microsoft, but I can put that aside in favour of seeing a decent competitor to Google emerge. Yahoo! hasn't been that for some time.

Here's why I think this deal is a good thing...
  • I'm getting bored with Yahoo's greedy bot eating all my bandwidth and sending me almost no traffic.
  • Google needs decent competition to prevent them from turning to the dark side.
  • It's one less engine to have to check rankings on.
  • Maybe the Overture keyword tool will finally come out of it's purgatory, and decide if it's here to stay, or gone for good.

Will be interesting to see if this goes ahead.
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