Ireland beckons...

We have recently decided to move the family to Ireland for a while, which I'm hoping is going to be a fairly exciting change.

We have tickets, and it's all happening quite soon.

The basic idea behind the move is pretty simple:
  • The kids haven't started school yet.
  • We don't currently own a home (having sold earlier in 2008), and the NZ housing market doesn't seem to be improving anytime soon.
  • My wife isn't tied to a flash corporate job, she is currently doing the housewife thing.
  • I'm a freelance website developer and internet marketer - if there was ever a job that could be done remotely, this is it.

So given all these things, why not?

Ireland is an obvious choice of locations for us - my wife Kirstin was born there and holds an Irish passport, which makes everything a whole lot easier. No visas, work permits, paperwork etc to deal with. Aside from that, a good Irish accent always puts a smile on my face, and our experiences of Irish hospitality so far have been excellent.

We leave New Zealand on the 21st February 2009 and will probably live in Dublin, but that isn't set in stone. We aren't sure exactly how long we will be gone for, but it's likely to be 6-9 months in Ireland, plus a bit of time in France and possibly Germany on the way back if finances allow.

How will the business run?

RagePank and Capsaicin will carry on running with surprisingly few changes. Because of the wonders of modern technology (VoIP), you will still be able to reach me on the same Auckland phone numbers, but most of the business is run by email anyway. I'll still be carrying on with all current projects, except I might actually have a half-decent internet connection in Dublin.

Obviously I won't be available for any meetings - but those who know me will know that I have been avoiding meetings like the plague for some time now - most things can be resolved over the phone or via email, which is almost always quicker. The other significant change is that office hours will be reduced to 7am - 12pm (NZ time), so if you need to call me, call me in the morning. I'm toying with the idea of redirecting calls outside these hours to someone local, but I'm not sure it is really needed or would help.

I'm currently trying to cut down as much paper mail as possible as this will be going to a 3rd party and will be checked fairly irregularly. I'd really appreciate it if customers could try to pay their bills electronically rather than by cheque, if possible.

If anyone wants to catch up before we go, just send me an email. I'll be available for face-face meetings during January, if one is needed, but February is going to be pretty busy.

I'll likely start a travel blog of some sort, and I'll post details if this goes ahead. I'm also giving serious thought to writing a book about potatoes - I hear the Irish like their potatoes.
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