Google favicons

Anyone thinking that the Google design team have been too busy making olympic themed logos to do anything else would be wrong, it would seem.

I just noticed today that Google Analytics has a new favicon, and more importantly a different one to every other Google site.

Maybe this happened ages ago and my browser has only just updated it's cache, who knows, it's new to me.

That other favicon change

I have to admit I was a bit miffed a few months back when Google got rid of their uppercase "G" favicon in favour of the lowercase "g" that resembles a warped number "8". It was bothering me because every Google shortcut I have looked the same, and why didn't they address this obvious issue at the same time.

Now, I can at least visually differentiate between Analytics and everything else - a welcome step in the right direction. Keep em' coming Google.


I say favicons are really important. With tab based browsing becoming more and more widely used, favicons help people spot your site in a list of (say) 10 other tabs. Using the browser default favicon, or the one that comes with your CMS, is a bit like leaving "Untitled document" in the title of your web page (ok, not quite as bad).

Long live the favicon. My second-favourite Microsoft invention (after XMLHttpRequest).
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