Fixing crappy landing pages - illustrated

I'm spending more time this year trying to increase conversions instead of traffic. Because I have so many fingers in so many pies it's easy to forget about the sites that aren't actually monetized, but are quietly waiting in the background for me to do something with them.

If you neglect your sites, the following can happen pretty easily.

Slow cooker recipes

Google Analytics tells me that my cooking blog gets 50 or so visitors a month from the phrase "slow cooker recipes". It's not a boatload of traffic, but it all adds up.

I typed the phrase into Google, clicked on my result, and got taken to this page...

Clearly, this page doesn't provide anything useful to someone looking for slow cooker recipes. So after tagging some recipes and writing a short paragraph of content, I now have a page that might actually be useful.

It's not rocket science. Take the time to check how your visitors see your site. Ask to yourself, does this page / search result fulfill their query? You can start by checking out the phrases that bring in the most traffic, and work from there.

I tweaked about 5 such pages, and I'd be really surprised if that doesn't lower the bounce rate a couple of notches. Sorry if this post seems obvious to the seasoned SEOs reading the blog, but I thought it worth a mention.
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