Coding in paradise

I got bored with the daily grind last week, so I disappeared for a few days with the kids to Hokianga in Northland New Zealand. However, I had work to do, so I thought I would drag the laptop along for the ride (my 20" HP Pavillion HDX is too heavy to carry, so you do actually have to drag it).

Could you get used to this as your office?
View of Hokianga Harbour

Vodafone 3G wireless

I finally got around to installing my wireless connection on the Vista machine. It was a piece of cake once I found the right instructions. And amazingly, the connection was pretty good from Hokianga (which is not exactly metropolitan). Dial-up speeds, sure, but nothing to stop a web developer from coding.

I definitely recommend using the 3G wireless through your phone as opposed to using a Vodem or PC card.
  • The nokia software was easy to find and install, Vista has everything else you need.
  • The phone connects to the PC via bluetooth, no cables, no dongles.
  • You can use the phone as a modem for your laptop, or you can browse via the phone directly using a mobile browser.
  • It did cut out a few times, but less regularly than my old dial-up modem did.

This makes the whole experience nicer than previous experiences with a vodem (keeps disconnecting) and a PC card modem (took way too long to get the software working).

On the downside, Vodafone weren't especially helpful at getting things setup, as their staff weren't at all familiar with the "use your phone as a modem" concept. Upgrading the data plan was a piece of cake, but moving back to a smaller plan took a fair amount of negotiation - and I had to do my "grumpy customer" voice to avoid their proposed $200 fee for downgrading an account.

Some thoughts, though not new ones

I work mostly from home. I have an internet connection. I work for clients around the world, but mostly on my own projects.

Why do I choose to work from a 3 bedroom house in the suburbs?
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