Alternative domains not in Google

A customer has just brought to my attention a problem that hadn't occured to me. It's to do with all those other domain names you own and are 301ing to the main site.


You have and it's appearing in Google searches for "" like it should.

You have 301ing to and it's not showing in Google searches for "" (as you would expect). Neither site is.

Domain searches

As my customer pointed out, people often find a site by typing a domain into Google. And he's right - I guess it's easier for some people to do it that way, or they don't know that the address bar is how normal people browse sites. The keyword stats on sites I manage suggest that a great many people find a site by Googing for the domain name. So if you aren't being found for your own domain name, then that's a problem. Especially if you are advertising that domain name in offline mediums.


The dashed version of the domain was registered mainly to catch traffic who mistakingly added the dash into the domain.

But searching for in Google brings up an empty result set - the domain is not indexed and never will be.


I have added the dashed version of the domain into the footer text of the site, so that the regular domain name will get cached with that text on it, and I expect this to solve the problem.

It will be interesting to see how many visitors come via Google searching for "".
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