Google honours the ANZACs

Google sometimes tweaks their logo to reflect special occasions. It's one of those nice feel-good things we like about Google. I read somewhere on the Google site that they didn't like doing this too often, as it would spoil the effect and everybody would want every event or special day to have it's own Google logo.

Well, today was ANZAC day and Google chose to honour our heroes with a nice custom Google logo.

ANZAC day Google logo

ANZAC day is a public holiday in New Zealand and Australia where we remember fallen war heroes, in particular the ANZACs (Australia and New Zealand Allied Corps) who fought in Gallipoli, Turkey in World War 1.

As the story goes, the New Zealanders and Australians were fighting under British command, and British military strategy of the time basically consisted of running troops at the enemy machine guns until they ran out of troops, or the enemy ran out of ammo.
The ANZACs suffered heavy losses in Gallipoli, but were highly regarded by the allied forces for their bravery and strength.

The poppy flowers in the logo represent the poppy fields in Gallipoli where the troops fought and died. (that's my understanding anyway)

Thanks Google. A thumbs up from New Zealand.
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